A contemporary Serif typeface with a hint of Nouvaeu style

Underw is a text typeface in Regular and Italic commissioned by the graphic design studio Fraser Muggeridge in 2014.

Underw Regular is inspired by a typewriter typeface used by Underwood in the 1960s. Characterised by a diagonal stress and by a generous x-height Underw is ideally suited to be used in small size for books and art catalogues.

Underw has been used in the editorial projects:

  • ‘Rite of passage: the Early Years of Vienna Actionism 1960-1996’. 2014. Gent: Snoek, 2014.
  • ‘Magnificent obsession: The Artist as Collector’. London: Prestel Publishing and the Barbican Art Gallery, 2015.

Underw has been used in the exhibition:

  • ‘Magnificent obsession: The Artist as Collector’ at the Barbican Art Gallery in London ( 12 February 2015-25 May 2015.

Underw has also been used in:

  • Film Poster ‘Catch me daddy’ (name of the directors and cast), 2014